Why take part in Cork Photo?

In the lead up to the festival we have interrogated some of the participating artists, just for you.

Brian Mac Domhnaill

Why take part in Cork Photo?

Cork Photo is a group-led initiative that encourages individual initiative. I admire the ethos behind it and I am happy to support it any way I can. It also provides me with an opportunity to show my work to a different audience.

Where are you showing your works and why have you decided to show there?

I am showing in Cork Public Museum with fellow archaeologist and photographer John Sunderland. It was John who saw the potential this year for a collaboration based on parallels between some of our projects.

What aspects of taking part are you looking forward to?

The project I am showing, Skin and Bone, was previously shown in the CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery as part of my MA interim show. Like most of my projects it is interdisciplinary, drawing on archaeological subject matter but presented using conventions from contemporary art practice. I am very interested in seeing how the piece will be perceived in a museum context. I am also looking forward to collaborating with a like-minded artist.