Twelve days to go!

We are over halfway funded, with only twelve days to go!
It’s been a very exciting couple of weeks working on the festival and watching as people join us to pledge their support. We have been crazy busy adding all the content onto the website so you can all see what our fundit campaign is helping to achieve!

We just wanted to share a little bit about our print rewards with you, the original prints on offer have been kindly donated by:

Jed Niezgoda

“Jed Niezgoda is a professional photographer and architect based in Cork and working in Ireland. Holding a Master of Architecture degree, Jed Niezgoda specialises in architectural photography in Ireland. It is his strong belief that his architectural experience – giving him a strong understanding of architectural design – that allows him to capture spaces at their best and to read architect’s’ intentions.”

Jed Niezgoda
Harry Moore – Lewis Glucksman Gallery 2016
Harry Moore – Lewis Glucksman Gallery

Harry Moore

“The activity of pinhole photography practice can be as rewarding as the realisation and presentation of the final prints. The time consuming activity, dependent on the intensity and direction of the light in relation to the objective of each photograph, can produce unexpected results. The barely discernable, or lack of human presence in the images represents the environment we inhabit, and our effect on it, rather than a visual representation of individuals. “

Colin Aherne

Colin Aherne was born in Cork, Ireland. He graduated from Photographic Studies at St. John’s Central College, Cork in 2012. Colin is currently working independently on personal photography projects, primarily with analogue techniques. He is also founding curator of Howl photo-zine, an online photography platform promoting projects from both established and emerging photographers.

Colin Aherne

Stéphane Bruchet

My practice is primarily about exploring photography in and for itself, rather than to illustrate ideas or concepts. The range of subject is fluid as the form and structure create an experience that goes beyond the informative, towards the contemplative.

Stephane Bruchet

Thank you! for reading our giant post.

Here’s a picture of a giant dog wearing a Cork Photo reward t-shirt, printed by Pretty Handsome Studio. And here’s the campaign link incase you feel like sharing it or grabbing your own reward!

Twelve Days