This year we are host to this exciting project from PhotoIreland. Angel Luis Gonzalez brings to Cork a selection from The Library Project’s collection of photo books, with a special focus on local produce and award winning publications.

Venue: UCC Boole Library

Date: July 14th, 15th and 16th

Special Event: July 14th talk by Angel Luis Gonzalez presenting The Library Project and discussing the emerging practices of Irish and Irish based artists  in relation to publishing, while also sharing an insight on international practice.

The Library Project is a collection of contemporary publications around Photography, the core of a public resource library already holding over 1000 items from 200 publishers worldwide, a wealth of publications unseen in Ireland.

Initiated in 2011 by Claudi Nir and Ángel Luis González Fernández, from PhotoIreland, the first phase of ‘The Library Project’ sets out to offer the public an on-going collection of the latest photobooks, magazines and zines, produced by independent publishing companies, well-established, large publishing houses and self published. In 2012, the collection was expanded with the efforts of Arcangela Regis, and in 2013, with the support and passion of Steven Maybury, Katie Mooney-Sheppard, Gill Thorpe, Sinéad Corcoran, Nigel Payne, and Lorna Murphy. The curated selection holds already over 1000 items from 200 publishers worldwide.


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