The Deja View – Camden Palace Hotel Screening Club: Slnko v sieti (The Sun in a Net)

Venue: Camden Palace Hotel

Date & Time: Wednesday 22nd July – 8pm

The Deja View experience starts at 7pm in our Cafe with selection of teas, coffees and wines and free food snacks. Prior to the movie we show a short 10-12min compilation of shorts, animations, music, art, science and vintage commercials. Movie is also introduced by a member of The Deja View team or a guest speaker, shedding some light on the theme of the film or some background when needed. 


Director: Stefan Uher

Year: 1962

Synopsis: Stefan Uher’s exquisite, groundbreaking feature is consistently ranked among the greatest films in the history of Czechoslovak cinema and is cited as the film that kick-started the whole ‘Czechoslovak New Wave’ movement.

Bringing to the screen a number of hitherto unacceptable social and political themes, The sun in a net is a complex interplay of sunlight and darkness, sound and silence, vision and blindness, truth and lies.