Source Photographic Review at CPF18


Discussion of work in Progress and Projects for Publication in Source.

Date: Friday 6th April.
Pre-submission deadline: 5pm 23rd March
This is a free event.

As part of the CPF18 Source will be organising meetings with Photographers to see new work. It’s an opportunity to get feedback on work in progress and its part of our research for future issues. This is one way Source finds new work for publication in the ‘portfolio pages’ section of Source Magazine and its an opportunity to directly introduce a new piece of work to one of the editors. If you are interested in attending you should email a pdf with up to 8 images and contained within it up to three paragraphs of text that give a background to your new work along with your name, contact phone number and web address.

Files must be no more than 20 Meg. Email Submissions to:

More at

Source Photographic Review