Third Edition

Third Edition: a photobook show

April 6th – June 1st 2017

A photograph can be appreciated as a simple document, where interest relies heavily upon the object. The unfamiliar and exotic often capture our attention, yet these photographers present much more than this. In their own distinctive way, each present singular visions of reality, sharing stories of communities close to them.

Terje Abusdal Radius 500 Meters

Radius 500 Metres is a photobook made from the archives of Åsmund Abusdal, told by his grandson Terje Abusdal. Portrayed through a series of personal photos from the Setesdal Valley, the book offers glimpses of everyday life in rural Norway in the 1970s and 80s. A time before wealth of the oil industry transformed the country and way of life forever. In that way, Radius 500 Metres is a visual testimony from a period that marked the end for the post-war social democratic welfare model and the shift to neoliberalism. Åsmund Abusdal was a self-proclaimed journalist and photographer. Many of the pictures, accompanied by stories he wrote, were published in the local newspaper, Setesdølen.

Terje Abusdal Third Edition 2017

Enda BoweAt Mirrored River

At Mirrored River The project titled ‘At Mirrored River’ was inspired by the Gaelic word Teannalach (pron. “chann-ah-lack”). Teannalach is a Gaelic word used in the West of Ireland which means awareness. In particular, it is awareness of that which is intangible and hushed; of being aware of the quietness and presence of people and the spaces they inhabit. With this in mind, l sought to capture the teannalach of stories and dreams within a singular town. The project is entirely made in an ordinary small industrial town in Ireland although it is not a literal documentation about the town nor Ireland. The chosen space is deliberately reflective of other similar industrial towns across the world. It was important for me to construct an unrecognizable geographical picture of a town which didn’t have recognizable iconic images, to avoid the obvious. I wanted to look at the ordinary every day spaces we inhabit and our ordinary daily lives because for me, the ordinary is where all the of the universal beauty, magic and possibilities lye.

Enda Bowe Third Edition 2017

Sean LotmanSunlanders

Sean Lotman’s photographs of Japan immerse us in his imagination and interpretation of reality in a land he has come to call home. His photographs encapsulate his existence in Japan, as a person who is intrinsically bound to his surroundings, yet still exists as a foreigner. His photographs are at times psychedelic, transposing what he sees to photographs as a maelstrom of mystery and wonder. Sunlanders is not a static document of Japan. Nor is it a journal or contest of image making. Rather, it is an exploration of existence, a dive in to a world unknown in suspended reality, imbued in colour and fascination.
Lotman is a master printer. Each image in the book has been reproduced from carefully hand printed C-Type prints in the darkroom. Following the process of making photographs from the moment of capture to the final print has allowed Lotman to instill his own subjective reality in to physical images.

Sean Lotman Third Edition 2017

Christopher NunnHoly Water

Holy Water is a collection of photographs taken in Ukraine, a country that has in recent years been thrust suddenly and violently into our global consciousness. Recent media coverage of Ukraine has focused on the ongoing  conflict and political chaos that has marred the country over the last two years. In ‘Holy Water’,Christopher Nunn takes a quieter look at the periphery of these events in a collection of photographs exploring everyday life, ordinary domestic moments and chance meetings against a backdrop of political turmoil and instability. Themes of escapism, alcohol, friendships and religious iconography permeate the photographs throughout the book. Holy Water is part of an ongoing project. The photographs collected here are fragments of a much larger picture, one that is constantly evolving. The book serves not as a full stop, but as a parenthesis – a moment of reflection – before continuing on with the story.

Christopher Nunn Third Edition 2017

Cedric Van Turtelboom –  Noroc

“Noroc is the result of Cedric Van Turtelboom’s winter adventures to Romania. With the simple rule of always sleeping at the home of a local, Cedric approaches with humor a freezing and twisted land, leaving us somewhere between documentary and an absurd fairytale.” — Thomas Sauvin

Cedric Van Turtleboom Third Edition 2017