National Sculpture Factory, Albert Road.

Thursday 24th July at 6pm

This series of pictures focuses on the duality of the docklands; the wharf as a place of daily work and stevedore activity and also as the space between the ocean and the city, a gateway, a mystery, a place for artists. The choice of the NSF as a non-traditional exhibition venue is fundamental to how the work is read and understood; the arrangement of the images within the operating Factory floor forces the viewer to connect to a set relationships between the building and the nearby port while the artwork itself seeks to become an integral part of the fabric of the working space.

Jed Niezgoda is a photographer and architect living and practicing in Cork. In his work he focuses mainly on architectural photography, arts installation photography and documenting events and festivals. His personal projects relate to Irish landscapes and cityscapes.

His images have been wildly published, including the titles such as The Wire, The Sunday Times, Irish Independent and Source Photographic Review. His photographs illustrate an album ‘Recipes from English Market’ by Michelle Horgan. In 2013 his work has been shown in solo exhibition ‘Éire’ in Contemporary Art Gallery in Przemysl, Poland.