Jools Family Shots for Christmas. Nov 17th, 2013. Photographs by Rory O'Toole

Venue: Cork Public Museum, Fitzgeralds Park


I was standing on Garryvoe beach last autumn looking out to sea. I took a photo and thought to myself ‘next stop Spain’. When I got home I looked at maps and realised that Garryvoe beach is facing towards Newquay in Cornwall. Hence ‘Next Stop Newquay’.

The idea for the project unfolded there and then. As an island nation, most of us have experienced standing on a beach, looking out to sea, and thinking, ‘next stop America’, or ‘next stop Spain’, or ‘next stop Wales’. And this is often accompanied by thoughts of the lands that are out there, the family and friends that have emigrated.

Feelings of sadness and dreams of adventure. Emigration has shaped the Irish for a long time and is continuing to do so.