Venue: Filter

Dates: July 3rd – 31st
Open Hours: 8am – 6pm

“Every man is, in his own particular way, a scientist.” G. Kelly

This artwork is based on Personal Construct Psychology (PCP) which is a theory of personality and cognition developed by George Kelly in the 1950’s.


This particular theory derived a psychotherapy technique called THE REPERTORY GRID. This project, also entitled THE REPERTORY GRID, pay homage to this theory which helps patients to uncover their own constructs (ideas or ways of perceiving the world). In this case the project is trying to represent in a visual way, constructs that pretty much every person in our society would have thought about at some point in their life.

Those constructs are ideas of reality in order to understand the world surrounding us. They’re based on our interpretations of our observations and experiences. Every person will have her/ his own constructs that will help to build up and refine theories and models about how the world works so they can anticipate events. If we know constructs have two extreme points (poles) then we tend to place people in one or the other or at some point in between, making constructs something where we put our attention to (including ourselves), and strongly influence what we fix our attention on. Ergo understanding a person’s system of constructs would help to understand that person’s beliefs and also the constructs (or ideas) of themselves.

Solitude – Social Prostitution

Perfectionism – Neglect

Envy – Acceptance

Judgemental – Passive

To achieve this graphic representation I am going to use polaroids and instant pictures.