Website: louisemaher.com

Venue: UCC Boole Library

In May 2013, I photographed Venice and its surrounds for a 24-hour period. I then created ‘timepieces’ that are inspired by aspects of this experience. Venice appealed to me. I pictured it as an otherworldly landscape with a distinguished past and uncertain future and so it was chosen as the setting for my 24 hour present.

This concentrated time frame offered an alternate experience of the present that not only tested my endurance but also brought about a certain clarity of purpose. The act suspended my tendency to inhabit a present occupied by preconceived futures.

While challenged by the necessity to perform in this assigned present, I was granted a freedom that was contained by time. The individual timepieces reflect the desire to create objects that reference the process of creating the work and encountering the present.

As a personal but not private series, Keeping Time playfully engages with the diaristic mode of narration.

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