Website: www.joanalexander.net

Joan Alexander’s work draws on the aesthetic and history of shadow catching, it is based on experiments in shadow catching and light tracing that interrupt, imprint and record layers of time.

These experiments form a series of work called ‘Shadow Dial Studies’ and set out to solidify passing light by lifting and measuring shadows in various ways, in so doing she seeks to chart and duplicate their ethereality.

Shadow Dials Part II ; ‘Speed of a Shadow’ is a moving image piece that is tracing the difference between a moving object, here a tree moving in the wind, and it’s shadow. A shadow is never separated from its object, it is its twin and this work is trying to catch the visually imperceptible space between the object and its shadow.

Joan Alexander is from Northern Ireland, she now lives and works between ireland and UK. For more info see www.joanalexander.net