Venue: Platform3 Studio

Date: Wednesday July 22nd at 7.00pm

Cost: €12.00 per person


2nd workshop due to demand!

As part of Cork Photo 2015 Mike Brown will give a Demonstration Workshop of the process of Wet Plate Collodion photography at the Platform3 studio.

Wet Plate is a difficult, slow, laborious and somewhat unpredictable process – but the upside is that it yields unique and beautiful images when all goes well!!
For this Workshop Mike will give an introduction to the process, the working methods, the chemistry, the possible substrates and then demonstrate the process using a vintage whole-plate camera [8.5 x 6.5 inches].
This is a demonstration workshop only, so participants will just observe the process for this workshop rather than working hands-on.
Mike will have some recently made plates on hand to view and there will be a general discussion on the process and its possibilities during the workshop.

Places MUST be booked in advance! Visit the Platform3 website to book online here.