Noud Aartsen & Eimerjean McCormack

7th July – 31st August

Launches July 7th at 6.30pm Cork Photo Gallery.

In collaboration with Tilburg University and the Brabant Collection, Cork Photo Gallery presents a selection of images from the archive of photographer Noud Aartsen with response by visual artist Eimearjean McCormack.

Aartsen was drawn to the land, a rambler who sought tranquility in the country. Many of his photographs capture the ever changing landscape and highlight his concern for the environment. The pictures themselves offer an historical and conceptual logic, confirming established traditions while at the same time providing evidence of overlooked everyday experiences. His vision and interests appear to unite the peoples of Ireland, France and the Netherlands; instilling a sense of an enchanted forgone era.

McCormack has combined her passion for print, design and photography by adopting a fragmentary and imaginative reinterpretation of the depicted scenes. Utilizing both hand rendered and digital processes the works play with fact, fiction and authenticity. She presents us with a liminal body of work that questions the visual experimentation of source material and highlights the importance of the photographic archive as documentary evidence.