The Beggar Man, 14 Gillabbey Street

Friday 11th July from 6.30pm

1st to 31 July, 3pm till close

Website: http://www.helioleon.com/

“The Purple Room” series

“This is the story of a journey back to the core of my Istanbul, a city that has a very strong emotional link to me as I had a very happy and romanticized period of time there in my early 20s. It’s very important to me how the past and the present are connected. I keep finding situations that resemble other people and moments that affected me during my childhood and teenage days. The border between life, dream and imagination is blurred. There’s something really nightmarish in the world to me, this is a strong feeling I have, as well as I find tenderness, love and vulnerability. All the pictures are reflections that come from life raw matter, my own life.
I had came back to a city that was being destroyed – and still is, very fast -. The wounds of the city seemed to be reflecting my own; my fears, my obsessions and my issues with intimacy.”