Howlzine an interview with Stefania Sapio

See what the other can see

See what the other can see deals with the anxiety and sense of inadequacy originated by the pressure to “fit in” and confirm to a set of rules of behaviour or to various expectations linked to one’s cultural, social and economical background. To narrow it down, I started to work at this project keeping in mind my kids’ difficulties in school and the various diagnosis (labels) that have been attached to them in order to explain their struggling through the educational system. But I felt automatically involved as a mother ( a single mom), as a woman, as a foreigner and I could not ignore my own struggling in accommodating my role to my kids’ life and to the expectations I had to comply with.
Stefania Sapio

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You can find new work by Stefania currently on display in Camden Palace Hotel until July 31st.
Outside, a collective exhibition.