Triskel 40 Photo Prize

The Triskel 40 Photo Prize sponsored by St Johns Central College.


2018 is a landmark year for Triskel as it celebrates its 40th year.

Cork Photo Festival 18 and the Triskel Arts Centre invited artists working with photography and related media to submit their series for exhibition at Triskel Gallery Space, during Cork Photo Festival April 2018.


The winner of the Triskel 40 Photo Prize is Kallie Cheves.


Kallie is an artist who lives and works in San Antonio, Texas. She makes photographic installations that have deep roots in surrealism, the decadent excess of vanitas still life, and the neo-baroque illusionistic view of the frame. Her work studies psyche and identity relationships of the self during pregnancy and postpartum, as they abstractly swell and shrink.

Kallie Cheves