Sandra Birke – 5th September – 17th October

Sandra Birke


Cork Photo Gallery, Fitzgerald’s Park, Mardyke Walk.
Launch event: 6 pm, 13th September
Dates: 5th September -17th October
Hours: Tues – Sat: 11 am – 4 pm


Inspired by the Icons of the Orthodox Church „IN DOG WE TRUST“ is a series of photographs that explore the relationship between humans and their dogs today.

Dogs have lived together with us for more than 100,000 years. Formerly, dogs worked for us as watchdogs or draft animals. Today they also work, as therapy dogs or detection dogs, but first of all, they are dearly beloved for their companionship, loyalty, and love.

Birke references traditional wood painting techniques, using contemporary digital framing motifs to create unique photographic objects. Part of the image is composed of items that belong to each animal, dog treats, bowls, collars, and other accessories form patterns framing the portrait. As a series, we are provided with the opportunity to compare, contrast and celebrate the individuality of the faithful canine.

Sandra Birke
„IN DOG WE TRUST“, Sandra Birke, Cork Photo Gallery 2018

Fourth Edition: A Photobook Show

In dog we trust is accompanied by Fourth Edition, a photobook show.  Fourth Edition, brings together photographers, Stephen Gill, Ed Panar, Andrea Alessio, Luke Stevenson, Mandy Barker and taxidermist Alexis Turner. Each shares a similar interest, engaging with the animal kingdom to create works that remind us of our intrinsic want to discover, understand, preserve and categorise the natural world.

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Ed Panar – Animals That Saw Me: Volume Two Fourth Edition
Ed Panar – Animals That Saw Me: Volume Two