Cork Photo HQ deadline extended

As you know this year Cork Photo HQ is in Camden Palace Hotel, a vibrant hub where all the festival information can be sourced, work can be seen and a series of related events are on offer.

There are several exhibition spaces available on the ground floor in Camden Palace Hotel.  These spaces are allocated by lottery. If you wish to enter the draw, please send the following to

Your name:

Contact number:


Series title:

Statement: 70 – 150 words about work/artist.

Images: 5 example images from a single series: 72 dpi.

Click here to download the form.

Lottery submission deadline extended – Wednesday 22nd of April 2015.

Cork Photo Meetup:

Join us for our getting started  meetup April 17th at 6.30pm at Camden Palace Hotel. Check out the space, learn all about Cork Photo 2015 and meet other photographers. Please feel free to bring your work along to share and get ideas for venues across the city. There may also be cake.

We have a digital projector available if you would like to share your work via flash drive or access online.

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