6 questions for Alison Fogarty

‘OH Everywhere There’s Gladness’ featuring works by artists Maeve Lynch and Michael Cleary is curated by Alison Fogarty. The first exhibition in TACTIC Art Gallery‘s 2018 programme. You can see ‘OH Everywhere There’s Gladness’ here in CPG until 28th January. 

How do you come up with concepts and ideas?
Generally my work is site specific so it begins with researching a certain place, building or event in a specific time period. I’m more interested in the past because you can just keep rummaging in something until you’ve struck gold and then run with it.

Do you discuss your work with anyone regularly?
Not regularly enough. I think I took for granted the weekly critiques I’d have with peers and lecturers in college. Even now at the moment I don’t have a proper studio space and nobody to discuss what I’m doing which I think is important to have that conversation. To get different points of view on something as my own might not be the best all of the time.

What are you currently working on?
I’m currently working on a zine that I hope to send off for an exhibition at IMPACT 10 the print symposium that will be on this year in Santander, Spain. For Oh Everywhere There’s Gladness was the first time I had made any work in the last year, but it has sparked something in me to get making again. I do mostly enjoy the curating and behind the scenes work for putting together exhibitions.

What work do you most enjoying doing?
I think I’m most happy printing. I like photography and collage but I just use those as tools to make prints. Mostly screen printing, getting messy with inks and layers.

Whose work do you admire?
I’ve always loved John Baldessari. I discovered him in second year of college when I was getting behind the idea of conceptual art and it blew my mind when I found out that in 1970 he burnt every painting he ever made then put the ashes in a recipe for cookies and put the cookies in an urn. I love how his work spans all medium; paintings, prints, videos, photographs, sculpture, billboards, digital art, he’s even made an app. If you like Baldessari and Tom Waits watch this youtube video

Do you listen to music while working? What is your go to album/ artist?
I do sometimes listen to music.I tend to listen to Spotify on shuffle or Daily Mixes and they come up with the playlists. I like a very wide range of genres though. I’ll listen to the Beach Boys one day, Edith Piaf another, some Sean Paul might crop up occasionally. I listen to a lot of Irish music too at the moment Lisa O’ Neill and Ye Vagabonds are great.